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FLASERForward Looking Infrared Laser Radar
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The main sedimentological evidence is the heterolithic alternation of grainy and muddy facies observed in the oolite-stromatolite facies association, which creates sedimentary structures such as flaser, wavy and lenticular beddings (Fig.
The occurrence of invertebrate trace fossils from the Hoover Quarry in association with dinosaur tracks and primary structures such as flaser bedding, raindrop impressions, desiccation cracks and asymmetrical ripples is consistent with very shallow aquatic, periodically emergent environments.
The metamorphic core of the Kotah dome consists of Middle Permian Swat flaser granitic gneiss unconformably overlain by Late Permian Marghazar formation.
The metagabbro is highly deformed, giving the rock a flaser gabbro-like appearance.
The upper part of the sequence is composed mainly of red mudstones and fine grained sandstones with flaser, wavy or lenticular bedding.