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FLAUSLatin-American Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology
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Eddie David Wenham Tanya Frances O'Connor Amanda Sarah Wynter Abby Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik Nick Robert Menzies Kate Nicole Nabout Gerard David Roberts Chamberlain Christopher Bunworth Old Man Williamson John Flaus Alfred Price Terry Norris Tanya's Mother Julia Blake Aussie helmer Robert Connolly's sympathy for characters who feel they're trapped in economies rather than living in societies gets another workout in "Three Dollars." A much darker movie than his crowd-pleasing debut "The Bank" (2001), pic is still far from humorless.
Jack Simpson Mick Molloy Stan Coombs Bill Hunter Len Johnson Frank Wilson Eileen Musgrove Monica Maughan Bernie Fowler John Clarke Dave Samuel Johnson Nancy Brown Judith Lucy Gwen Penny Lois Ramsey Norm Cliff Ellen Ida Jenkins Esme Melville Edgar Peter Aanensen Ron Marsh Bob Hornery Cliff John Flaus A middling comedy that fails to live up to its explosive title, "Crackerjack" could catch on Down Under because of the popularity of lead actor/co-scripter/co-producer Mick Molloy.
Stronger support comes from a fine ensemble of vets, especially saucy octogenarian Esme Melville (who also appears in local success "Dalkeith") and John Flaus as the club's most enigmatic member.