FLBSFlathead Lake Biological Station (University of Montana)
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The disparate treatment of WFC bonds and FLB bonds in the context of Federal Reserve discounts and advances reflected the wartime exigencies that prompted other significant departures from the real bills doctrine (described in Section 2.1) and the temporary status of the WFC as compared with the FLBs.
(63) Section 5 of the Federal Farm Loan Act discusses the FLBs' capital, Paragraph 4 of Section 14 provides the maximum bond issue requirements, and Section 21 discusses the liability for the FLBs' bond issues.
After a 158-kilometer tactical road march, the forward command post arrived at the first destination on the morning of 22 March and established an FLB near An Nasiriyah.
After being halted by enemy contact further along the route, the main command post established the next FLB on 24 March.
On the morning of 4 April, the forward command post conducted an 89-kilometer tactical road march to a location on the outskirts of Baghdad and established an FLB. This FLB ultimately provided the full range of logistic, including classes I, III, V, VII (major end items), and IX (repair parts), maintenance, and field services, to the group's customer base.
Elements of the group also established convoy support centers at each FLB location and a stand-alone convoy support center near As Samawah.
The group commander determined that the center of gravity for the group was each FLB that provided classes III (petroleum, oils, and lubricants) and V (ammunition) for the 3d Infantry Division.