FLEDSFlight Line Electrical Distribution System (US Navy)
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The little dryad long since fled away weeping,--fled away, said evil tongues, fled away to the town.
He had fled, he told himself, because annihila- tion approached.
"Now this youth is fled," said the headman, "and yet none saw him fly!
I fled to an angle of the wall and crouched upon the floor.
Everywhere Kutuzov retreated, but the enemy without waiting for his retreat fled in the opposite direction.
It was in the old days of the Russian occupancy of Alaska, when the nineteenth century had run but half its course, that Negore fled after his fleeing tribe and came upon it this summer night by the head waters of the Pee-lat.
With a yell of terror the chief turned and fled toward the village gate, and as his people looked to see the cause of his fright, they too took to their heels--for there, lumbering down upon them, their huge forms exaggerated by the play of moonlight and camp fire, came the hideous apes of Akut.
But Cathullin, beaten and ashamed, fled to hide himself: "bending, weeping, sad and slow, and dragging his long spear behind, Cathullin sank in Cromla's wood, and mourned his fallen friends.
But for you, O my children, whose lives are but newly begun, the wickedness, unkindness, and ingratitude from which I fled are before you.
He rose to his feet, flung aside the straw pallet upon the street urchins, and fled.
But perhaps--perhaps--he is no longer there!--Yet how could he have fled?--Was I not in possession of his ladder?
They arched their arrows at him, and though he was untouched he fled on.