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FLEPForest Land Enhancement Program
FLEPFunded Legal Education Program
FLEPForeign Language Enhancement Program (Committee on Institutional Cooperation; Champaign, IL)
FLEPFood Law Enforcement Practitioners (UK)
FLEPFamily Life Education Program (Church of Uganda)
FLEPFetal Liver Epithelial Progenitor
FLEPFormer Limited English Proficient (education)
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44) Primary efforts under FLEP are afforestation and reforestation, improved forest stand, constructing windbreaks, and riparian forest buffers.
One means to accomplish this is to factor floodplain explicitly into the costing of rural agricultural land for programs such as CRP, EQIP, FLEP, WHIP, and WRP.
It is encouraging to see this year's conservation programs (CCRP, CREP, FLEP, and EQIP) provide incentives for the establishment and maintenance of agroforestry practices.
His son, CPT Dustin Lujan, was commissioned as an Infantry officer and later entered the Corps through the FLEP.
Authorship (with the help of many contributors) is attributed to Corrine Propas Parver (emeritus, American University Washington College of Law); she thanks Christina Fleps for past contributions.