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FLETForward Line of Enemy Troops
FLETFlowline End Termination (offshore industry)
FLETForeign Literature in English Translation (various universities)
FLETFinland Latvia Estonia Time (time zones)
FLETFinancial Literacy Education Training (UN)
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Nu her jrara banena byre nathwylces fraetwum hremig on flet gred, mordres gylped, ond pone madpum byred (Beowulf 2053-55) [Now here the son of a certain slayer, exulting in ornaments, advances on the floor, boasts in the assault and carries a precious thing]
NTT Com will provide Group-Ether customers with one-stop service covering applications, billing and troubleshooting, as well as FLET'S access line, dedicated converter and network.
Flet prosty i fujarka: nowe odkrycia arheomuzykologii Elblaga.--Archeologia et Historia Urbana.
Oshkosh Truck displayed its contender for the United Kingdom's Future Light Equipment Transporter (Flet) programme, which requires a 6 x 6 tractor truck for use with semi-trailers now in service.
Well-being Scale Affectometer-2 originally developed by Kammann and Flet (1983) and translated in Urdu by Naheed (1997) which is considered as a valid and reliable measure of well-being in terms of general happiness, based on negative and well-being in terms of general happiness, based on negative and positive feelings.
Also, NTT East is offering two months of free Flet's ADSL connections through September.
By inference, when resort sales comprise a high percentage of total sales, then the speculator/investor is making his presence flet in the market.
This gave birth to a Bible institute whose purpose is to train lay leaders in theological and biblical studies using materials provided by FLET (Latin American Faculty of Theological Education).
(2) I haue sent Hayne wyth the wol flet, and (a) barell and a wyrkyn of befe and a barell candyll.
sed Veneris tune bella calent, scissosque capillos femina perfractas conqueriturque fores; flet teneras obtusa genas, sed uictor et ipse flet sibi dementes tam ualuisse manus.
Forthon ic gethencan ne maeg geond thas woruld forhwan modsefa min ne gesweorce, ponne ic eorla lif eal geondthence, hu hi faerlice flet ofgeafon, modge maguthegnas, swa pes middangeard ealra dogra gehwam dreosedh ond feallep.