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FLEXFlexible Spending Account
FLEXFEMA (Federal Employment Management Agency) Leadership Exercise
FLEXFast Lexical Analyzer
FLEXFast Lexical
FLEXForce Level Execution
FLEXFuture Leaders Exchange (US State Department)
FLEXFederation Licensing Examination
FLEXFleet Exercise
FLEXFlexowriter Equipment
FLEXFile Exchange System
FLEXFlame Extinguishment Experiment
FLEXForce Level Execution System
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The flex stimulated sales and at least half of the sector's growth can be attributed to it," says Sergio Pray, president of Fenabrave, the federation of automobile dealers, representing 5,000 dealers around the country.
These FDA food-contact grades boast higher HDT and flex modulus than conventional homopolymers.
The Generation II FLEX decoding solution is implemented by a FLEX ASIC working together with FLEXstack(TM) V4.
For example, at our 47-acre Commercenter/-Totowa flex park, two major corporations recently leased space.
This new program is another example of Flex Fund listening to our customers and then responding with an innovative solution.
Through the deal, Flex Fund will partner with seven Verastar auctions in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina, including Verastar's regionally prominent Atlanta auctions, to provide turnkey inventory financing for Verastar's salvage buyers.
The address for Flex Fund's new corporate headquarters is:
The response to Flex Builder from the Mac developer community has been overwhelming and positive," said Jeff Whatcott, vice president marketing and business development for Adobe's Enterprise and Developer Business Unit.
The FLEX Platform architecture delivers instrument synchronization and control in device clock time on a vector-by-vector basis, even in multiple time domains.
With support for both Intel[R] and PowerPC[R] hardware, pre-release versions of Flex Builder 2 for the Mac and the Flex Builder 2 Eclipse[TM] Plug-in for the Mac are now publicly available at Adobe Labs, at http://labs.
All FLEX Test Platform systems can be configured to test a particular mix of devices and then as test requirements change the system can be quickly adapted by adding or relocating instrumentation," said Kevin Ritchie, Senior Vice President Technology & Manufacturing Group, TI.
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