FLEXEFrom Local to Extreme Environments (Penn State University; State College, PA)
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The second project start is for a white paper on low-rate service multiplexing using FlexE and 400ZR aimed at eliminating ambiguity and providing clarification on how 400ZR should be leveraged in multiplexing applications.
The FlexE time slot cross-connection technology allows the user service traffic forwarding based on the physical layer so that the user packet is not required to be parsed in the network intermediate node, and the service traffic forwarding can be completed in real time.
OIF, the global industry forum accelerating market adoption of advanced interoperable optical networking solutions, has announced the launch of the FlexE 2.1 project and newly elected board members and working group chairs, the company said.
"3PLs and first-party operators make their space, capacity and labor available through FLEXE, and we bring them customers looking for those services," Galgon explains.
The joint demonstration will feature 400 Gbps of Flex Ethernet (FlexE) traffic sent over four bonded 100 GbE interfaces streaming over the Ethernet Alliance 400 GbE network and interconnecting the OIF and Ethernet Alliance booths on the exhibit floor.
Co-founder and CEO Karl Siebrecht, said Flexe will use proceeds from the latest round of funding to strengthen and expand the capabilities of its on-demand warehousing software platform that powers its marketplace.
POSH Spice shows fans how to bend it like Beckham as she flexes her curves in her sexiest photoshoot ever.
Unlike Neandertals, the base of the human skull flexes up near the front during childhood, Lieberman proposes.
Thighs: The anterior thigh is composed of the quadriceps group (rectus femoris, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, and vastus intermedius), which extend the knee (rectus femoris also flexes the hip).
The left hand plays with its right and only leg, which flexes up like a fish tail.