FLEXEFrom Local to Extreme Environments (Penn State University; State College, PA)
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And FLEXE provides the technology platform that enables the two businesses to transact together.
Kari Axberg, vice president, New York Life, said, "Start a Plan that Flexes with Yours" is grounded in consumer research conducted by New York Life.
Mian Zia-ur-Rehman and Hafiz Shafiq Kashif who are owners of ravels agencies spent hefty amount on publicity while their hoarding boards and pena flexes were displayed across the city and adjacent areas.
Bandwidth flexes can be done immediately or scheduled up to one year in advance.
He flexes his muscle, shows off his gym- honed chest and flaunts a chiselled physique on the magazine's latest cover.
In addition, Eris Flexes offer the date and rate flexibility necessary to replicate many OTC trading structures, ranging from daily, spot-starting swaps to highly customized structures.
Offering a motorized X-axis table, Y-axis table or XY axis table, Miyachi Unitek's Unitek Eapro DT-500-PH desktop hot bar bonding system connects multiple parts in an array at one time, multiple flexes onto a PCB, or one flex to a PCB and or one flex to a PCB and a LCD.
With The Renaissance, Q-Tip's first record since 1999's Amplified, the MC flexes his grown-man stance and crafts a natural extension of his A Tribe Called Quest discography.
The polymer responds immediately in direct proportion to the force applied, offers support and cushioning at rest, is lightweight, flexes with the body and doesn't melt, freeze or deteriorate with temperature variations.
The diaphragm flexes to allow fluid to exit for the duration that the seal is opened.
The TV chef (above) flexes his literary cockles and mussels as he goes in search of the landscapes that inspired one of his favourite authors - the late, great Daphne Du Maurier.
Neil Dudgeon, better known for dramas like The Street, Sorted and Messiah, flexes his comedy muscles to star as millionaire Roman Pretty, an over-protective father to three daughters.