FLGRFoundation for Local Government Reform (Sofia, Bulgaria)
FLGRFuel Lean Gas Reburn (energy production; various locations)
FLGRFull Length Guide Rod (firearms)
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On the down side, the FLGR is a minor to major pain in the butt for fieldstripping and a huge liability for fieldstripping in (duh) the field.
The ICMA invited the FLGR to partner with it to establish a pilot technical "twinning" program between three pairs of Bulgarian and American cities.
Mayor Paskalev dedicated his administration to improving the lives of Blagoevgrad's citizens through reform, and he sought help through his involvement with the Local Government Initiative and the FLGR.
ICMA and FLGR representatives met us on our arrival in Sofia, Bulgaria's capital, and traveled to Blagoevgrad with us the following day.
First, FLGR receives funds to assist in administering the program and has hired capable staff to coordinate with the Bulgarian cities.