FLHDFederal Lands Highway Division
FLHDFlorida High Definition (St. Petersburg, Florida)
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This is the technique currently in use by FLHD staff.
FLHD staff members currently are producing photosimulations and CADD renderings with animation from MicroStation software.
The Forest Service, in collaboration with FLHD, reconstructed some of the flatter sections of the Beartooth between 1963 and 1984 using FHP funds.
In doing the evaluation, FLHD divided the highway into seven segments going west to east, beginning with segment 1 at the park entrance and ending with segment 7 outside Red Lodge.
Promoter fusion plasmids of flhD and ompR to GFP were used.
1), flhD expression in the parent (orange) was high at two time points: early stage (12 h) and late stage (51 h), whereas the highest expression of ompR (black) was in between these two time points at 35 h.
Methods-To study flhD gene expression, the flhD promoter region was cloned in front of the open reading frame (ORF) of pUA66, contains gfpmut-2 as reporter gene.
Results and Conclusions-From the first experiment we observed that flhD expression is high at two time points: early stage (9h) of biofilm formation (reversible attachment?) and the late stage (55 h) of biofilm formation (dispersal phase?).
From the 96 well plate assay experiment, we conclude that the highest expression level of flhD is after 24 hours and of ompR after 6 days.
From the 96 well plate experiment, we conclude that flhD gets expressed earlier during biofilm development (reversible attachment?) than ompR (maturation?).
enterocolitica 8081c and its isogenic flhD and fliA mutants (3).
enterocolitica strains 8081v, 8081c, 8081v flhD, or 8081v fliA.