FLIAFeria del Libro Independiente Y Autogestiva (Spanish: Independent and Self-Managed Book Fair)
FLIAFeria del Libro Independiente y Alternativa (Spanish: Independent and Alternative Book Fair)
FLIAFellow of the Life Insurance Association
FLIAForeign Languags and/or International Affairs (University of Puget Sound)
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FLIA determines the amount of paid leave allowed based on annual income.
66) The findings prior to the language of FLIA acknowledge that, "[d]emographic changes over the past few decades have altered the face and needs of the workforce.
FLIA steps in the right direction: it offers essential compensation for parental leave and allows private employers the opportunity to participate.
FLIA promises the most of any recent legislation to provide real incentives for all parents to take leave.
First, FLIA will be more effective if it grants qualifying employees their then-current salaries during leave, and provides tax cuts to private businesses that participate.
FLIA can target existing social reasons behind lack of paternal leave: employer and co-worker hostility, peer pressure, and the concept that women are more naturally suited to parenthood, regardless of their status as birth-givers.
Third, FLIA's lobby can better incorporate the male perspective, and establish grass roots efforts (118) to recruit men into the passage of FLIA by not only emphasizing a woman's value in the workplace, but also stressing a man's value in the family unit.
Finally, FLIA will better accomplish gender-neutral leave-taking if it offers tax credit incentives for those families in which all parents avail themselves of parental leave, without elevating parents to special class status.
With the changes proposed in this Note, FLIA has the potential to disrupt gender inequality in the workplace.
Irrigated gross cropped area (IGCA) is a better proxy variable for the quantity of water available for irrigation in any particular year than FLIA since IGCA includes land that is cropped more than once.
Jan Doldersum Manager Marketing and Business Development Rijk Zwaan (Netherlands) accepted the first FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award ten years ago: The timing of winning the FLIA in 2006 was really perfect.
Applications for the FLIA close on 21November 2014.