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FLICFli Compiler
FLICFortran Loop and Index Converter
FLICFunctional Language Intermediate Code
FLICFunctional Living Index Cancer
FLICForethought Life Insurance Company (Texas and Indiana)
FLICFloridians for Lower Insurance Costs
FLICFORTRAN Language for Industrial Control
FLICFault Location Indicating Console
FLICForward Looking Infrared Camera
FLICFlight Line Intelligence Center
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The cycling conditions used were as follows: initial denaturation of 94 [degrees]C for 5 minutes; followed by 35 cycles of 95 [degrees]C for 50 s; 61 [degrees]C for 50 s (cctA), 62 [degrees]C for 50 s (nanA) or 68 [degrees]C for 50 s (fliC); and 72 [degrees]C for 7 minutes.
coli motility, whereas QS-II expression enhances motility by affecting fliC expression.
Currently, FLIC operates a factory in central Taiwan with annual capacity of 4,800 tons.
The amplified fliC gene was cleaved with HhaI restriction endonuclease (Invitrogen), when fliC(M) primers were used, and RsaI restriction endonuclease (Invitrogen), when fliC(F) primers were used.
Northwest-based relationship writer Flic Everett says: ``It's all very well fancying the person you're with but if the environment isn't right, there is less chance of creating that perfect romantic mood.
Sex expert Flic Everett analysed the responses, taken from five UK cities, and concluded dance floor duffers are unlikely to score highly in the passion stakes.
These results suggested that the 38 kDa is the major structural component (FliC) of the flagella filament.
Johns captures perfectly, if melodramatically, the fears that had both driven and sustained Johns's brainchild, the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (FLIC)-popularly known as the Johns Committee--for the previous five years.