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FLICFunctional Living Index Cancer
FLICFault Location Indicating Console
FLICFloridians for Lower Insurance Costs
FLICFORTRAN Language for Industrial Control
FLICForward Looking Infrared Camera
FLICFlight Line Intelligence Center
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Over 50 percent of the businesses renting space in FLIC are owned by Asian-Americans, and Abada said that many are "start-up" companies launched by people who live in Flushing.
We are delighted to welcome Microvision to the Symbian Platinum Partner Program, bringing their Flic Cordless Bar Code Scanning Technology to Symbian smartphones worldwide.
We continue to invest in Flic software connectivity options so that developers of enterprise solutions as well as individual users have the necessary tools to add simple and affordable bar code scanning to their data capture applications.
Product revenue for the first quarter of 2006 was derived primarily from record shipments of over 9,300 units of the Flic bar code scanner.
FLIC SAYS: I won't say that because a) I'm not a doctor and b) what you're experiencing sounds less like clinical depression and more like an understandable response to the end of your marriage.
FLIC SAYS: If you spend the night with a guy, and he doesn't contact you again, then it means he's just not that into you.
Microvision will demonstrate the latest versions of its automotive head-up display, the Nomad Expert Technician System, the Flic Laser Bar Code Scanner and a microdisplay prototype for high-volume consumer applications.
FLIC SAYS: One of the most insurmountable problems couples face is when one changes their mind about something important - and, suddenly, old assumptions are no longer valid.
The company has two commercial products, the Nomad Expert Technician System and the Flic laser bar code scanner.
FLIC SAYS: You're right to say you can't go on like this, because unrequited love is one of the worst feelings known to man (or woman).
Product revenue in the first quarter 2005 was comprised of $208,000 from sales of the Nomad system and $392,000 from sales of the Flic bar code scanner.