FLICCFederal Library and Information Center Committee
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According to the announcement, FLICC cited Lahr's leadership roles, participation in international organizations, and important contributions to the development of the Science.
The awards will be presented at the 24th Annual FLICC Forum on Federal Information Policies on Oct.
The 1-day conference, titled Semantic Search: Fact or Myth, was co-sponsored by CENDI, NFAIS, and FLICC (Federal Library and Information Center Committee).
In dealing with FLICC, the procurement process is simplified and involves passing funds to FLICC as part of an existing contract.
Roberta Shaffer, executive director of FLICC, estimated that the negotiated contracts and the single point of contact for purchasing produced $20 million in savings for the government last year.
That combination of events occurred on March 25 when FLICC held its 10th Annual Forum on Federal Information Policies.