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FLICSFilm Liaisons In California Statewide
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"We've been relatively sanguine about the prospects of FLICs and we'd be really worried if 10BA disappeared," says Australian Screen Directors Assn.
Content's David Court says the advantage of FLICs over 10BA was that FLICs allowed investors to buy shares in a company, which spread risk across a range of titles, while 10BA functioned for investments in single titles.
A fascinating aspect of the story is that FLIC investigators maintained secret records of their activities.
Our review of the literature reveals that some of the best work on FLIC comes from graduate students.
Scholars soon followed the lead of students in studying FLIC. Similar to Schnur, legal scholar William Eskridge (1997) viewed the actions of FLIC as a microcosm of a larger phenomenon but did so through the eyes of the law.
Despite sustained scholarly interest in FLIC, more work is warranted.
SB 38 passed both legislative houses, and FLIC was formed in August 1956.
FLIC first began a probe of civil rights activists in Tallahassee.
The media was told that FLIC was investigating Dade County school desegregation lawsuits (Weitz 2007).
Johns would soon need to justify four years of expenditures and failed attempts to curtail the activities of the NAACP, and he knew FLIC needed a new round of appropriations to continue to operate.
Though FLIC won the victory for a second appropriation, it had become clear that the Committee had not halted the school desegregation process.
After failed attempts to weaken the NAACP, FLIC decided to formulate an investigation that would produce results.