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FLICSFilm Liaisons In California Statewide
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According to its spokesman Charles Wheeler, Macquarie Film, the second FLIC, plans to bankroll roughly 15 projects during its lifespan, with financial feasibility as its primary objective.
With this new product for the Flic Bar Code Scanner product line, we are providing a valuable solution to businesses of all sizes that rely on paper or spreadsheet based processes to track assets, take inventory, record activities, and more," stated Ian Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Microvision.
We are delighted to welcome Microvision to the Symbian Platinum Partner Program, bringing their Flic Cordless Bar Code Scanning Technology to Symbian smartphones worldwide.
We continue to invest in Flic software connectivity options so that developers of enterprise solutions as well as individual users have the necessary tools to add simple and affordable bar code scanning to their data capture applications.
With an MSRP of $129, the Flic scanner comes with free software that will enable even novice users to "plug and play" so that they can enjoy the benefits of bar code technology without any of the programming and support requirements common to today's bar code reading products.
The Flic scanner offers a compelling combination of great performance and ergonomics at a great price.
Microvision is commercially launching the Flic product at the industry's leading AIDC conference, Frontline Solutions & Supply Chain Week Exposition, September 24 - 26th in Chicago.