FLIEFunctional Living Index-Emesis (chemotharapy questionnaire)
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Young fruit flies deprived of sleep end up with brain and behavior problems later in life, scientists report in the April 18 Science.
But in a surprising new study, scientists found that male fruit flies are particularly attracted to other flies--male and female--that don't put out any pheromones at all.
In an earlier research, Ayres had searched for mutant fruit flies that died faster, or more slowly, than normal flies after being infected with pathogenic bacteria.
In fact, the fly control category is literally saturated with products designed to repel or kill flies but only after they've matured and gained the ability to fly.
The flies with no DJ-1[beta] had normal life spans and showed no neuronal degeneration.
However, indirect contact may be established by flies that take up Campylobacter as they forage on fresh animal feces.
Stable flies are similar in size and appearance to houseflies.
Researchers may use flies to develop potential human sleep aids.
Travelers can take advantage of "Companion Flies Free" savings on Europe packages to a choice of more than 200 hotels in 16 countries - Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
According to researchers, the study of insomniac fruit flies could also help develop ways to test or treat the sleeping disorder in humans.
They've found that a tiny dab of mouth-watering yeast paste incites male flies to strike threatening wing poses at each other and then come to blows.
His informative pieces include decades-old fly pattern standards, hot new fly patterns from celebrity fly tiers, 74 patterns that include dry flies, nymphs, streams and bucktails, emergers, steelhead and Atlantic salmon flies, flies for bass (both small mouth and large mouth), tropical saltwater fishing flies, and more.