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FLIMFaithful Library About Internet Message
FLIMFluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy
FLIMForce Level Information Management
FLIMFlexible Language for Integer Manipulation (computing)
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FLIM involves precise measurements of the fluorescence decay rate, or lifetime, of a naturally fluorescent molecule or a fluorescent tag or label that has been added to tissue.
It was shown that, using HiLo, FLIM measurements can be performed in the nanosecond range [14].
"We've been able to get macroscopic images with the FLIM that show clear differences in signal and spatial features due to biochemical changes in the tissue that correlate with precancer, or the development of cancer," Maitland says.
In all, time-gated FLIM can be performed for steady and transient fluorescence imaging applications.
Flim researched over 100 archival resources but found them lacking in specific details.
The author, Bert Jan Flim, now a professor of history at Friesland College in Leeuwarden, undertook the study in the mid-1980s at a time when many of the rescuers were still living.
This SACD release, which musically reminds me of some of the Yellow Jackets, Flim and the BBs, and Spies CD recordings I have heard (with the addition of some well-handled guitar playing), was clearly not recorded with surround sound in mind.
After this he turns to the European Convention on Human Rights which lies behind all this flim flam and deals with various 'rights' in turn.
"Flim Flam," "Hole in Your Head" and "Hot Wired" rival as the biggest attention-getters of the 10 tracks.
Though I still enjoy submitting to that mag rather than Sports Illustrated, I do not savor all the flim flam that surrounds it in mass amounts.
His nonfiction is collected in In a Narrow Grave: Essays on Texas (1971) and Flim Flam: Essays on Hollywood (1987).