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FLIMFaithful Library About Internet Message
FLIMFluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy
FLIMForce Level Information Management
FLIMFlexible Language for Integer Manipulation (computing)
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We've been able to get macroscopic images with the FLIM that show clear differences in signal and spatial features due to biochemical changes in the tissue that correlate with precancer, or the development of cancer," Maitland says.
Flim researched over 100 archival resources but found them lacking in specific details.
The oral history was, in fact, the key to telling the story of the four underground groups involved in child rescue on which Flim concentrates.
The song conveys a simple message humanity is above everything else, be it caste, creed or religion, so its presence in the flim is commendable all the same.
It's pies, and butteries, silly hats, foam fingers (and the same to you madam) and all the marketing, moneymaking flim flam bollocks that goes will every great occasion.
Can't understand the flim flam over the lions selection.
Sana, who would be in Amritsar for shooting of Punjabi flim "Dil Perdasi Ho Gaya" directed by Takur Tapasvi, claimed that because of this controversy the Indian High Commission delayed her visa.
No flim flam, dim ailadrodd, dim darnau boring sydd yn neud i chi ddisgyn i gysgu" - dyna addawodd Dave Datblygu i'w ffrind Emyr Glyn Williams pan soniodd ei fod wedi derbyn cais i ysgrifennu ei hunangofiant.
A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "The paramedic put burns dressings on the child and wrapped his wounds in cling flim to keep in the moisture.
The fans are clamouring for some hint of genuine progress and results, not the spin and propaganda grease that oils the wheels of the flim flam machine.
The method is available as a D FLIM system using a pulsed 405 nm diode laser, or as an MP FEIM system using a multiphoton excitation laser as the excitation source and time reference.