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FLINTFuzzy Logic and the Internet
FLINTFast Library for Number Theory
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A fire was made under an immense cotton-wood tree, that overshadowed a beautiful piece of meadow land; rich morsels of buffalo hump were soon roasting before it; in a hearty and prolonged repast, the two unsuccessful hunters gradually recovered from their mortification; threatened to discard their old flint guns as soon as they should reach the settlements, and boasted more than ever of the wonderful shots they had made, when they had guns that never missed fire.
There hasn’t been such a thing as a good flint sold at the foot of the lake since the Indian traders used to come into the country; and, if a body should go into the flats along the streams in the hills to hunt for such a thing, it’s ten to one but they will be all covered up with the plough.
But having caught himself saying too much about the flints, he was now afraid to speak out.
Out of high school, Flint received some interest from the football programs at Washington State and Oregon State.
Frescoln was named CEO of Flint Group, which comprised the three businesses.
Paul Katz describes Alibates flint as "a Texas rainbow trapped in rock," for its multi-hued variations, formed millions of years ago, when minerals seeped into a layer of day and limestone called dolomite--not unlike the process responsible for petrified wood.
These ancient people already used sharpened flint attached to wooden rods to drill holes for making beads out of pieces of shell, turquoise, and other materials.
Ancient inhabitants of Mehrgarh attached sharpened flint to wooden rods and used the instruments to fashion beads out of shell, turquoise, and other materials.
With Tesoro, we are addressing community needs for a ready supply of low-sulfur fuels, in the most economically appropriate manner," said Todd Craig, vice president of Alaska marketing for Flint Hills Resources.
Welty, the current chief operating officer of Flint Ink, has been appointed to the position of president.
The authors' fine study of Midwestern Jewry analyzes "the evolution of Flint's Jewish community," producing a rich, complex portrait of a group that contributed to the city's infrastructure, and who, like the other residents of Flint, suffered the inevitable consequences of its ultimate demise, including the spread of antisemitism (11).
Flint and Mosco, who have been together for seven years and had a wedding ceremony in 1999, adopted their 9-month-old daughter, Emma, when she was a newborn.