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FLIPFluorescence Loss in Photobleaching
FLIPFloating Instrument Platform
FLIPFlight Information Publication
FLIPFast Local Internet Protocol
FLIPFlexible Loan Insurance Program
FLIPFlipmode Kru (gaming clan)
FLIPFinancial and Functional Literacy Incentive Program
FLIPFlorida Investigations of the Paranormal (est. 2009)
FLIPFlight Information Planning
FLIPFocus, Links, Input, Payoff (generic cognitive strategy/conceptual framework for problem-solving)
FLIPFlow Layer Internal Protocol
FLIPFuture Leaders in Philanthropy (Changing Our World, Inc.)
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Working with the new FlipPort, a proprietary connector on the new Flip UltraHD 8 GB/2 hour video camera, iGoa[euro](tm)s battery charger and backup battery accessories plug into Flip Video cameras.
com)-- VC Flip Books, a mobile flip book studio offering the hottest new trend for corporate events, weddings, and parties, today announced that it will be the newest attraction at the Ventura County Fair (http://venturacountyfair.
Long-haired tabby Flip took to the chook as soon as the new bird arrived in March.
The first-quarter share of sales that were flips was down from the 4.
Without underfill, flip chip (with solder bumps) requires no change in the typical surface-mount process.
OK, SO YOU'VE LANDED at least one or two flip tricks in a parking lot.
Flip habitually narrates his daily encounters with Gunther, making the primary narrative he offers the reader only one more rendition of his nightly routine.
For a particularly elegant counter-victim flip, consider the one performed by Newt Gingrich following his mom's revelation to Connie Chung that he has been known to refer to the First Lady as a "bitch.
iGo is excited to team with Flip Video to help launch the new Designed for Flip Accessory Program.
Rapidly rising retail chain devoted exclusively to flip flops and casual footwear steps up product selection with Birkenstock styles
Loud Television is currently casting for a fun new cable series, Moms Who Flip.
Darling - - Moran flips Flint - flip Brown - - flip