FLIPLFinancial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (US Army)
FLIPLFLICE-Like Inhibitory Protein Long form
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New judge advocates must understand the legal issues surrounding a FLIPL and how those issues effect Soldiers found financially liable for lost, damaged, destroyed, or stolen property.
It also provides a detailed guide for judge advocates advising FLIPL Financial Liability Officers (FLOs) as well as examines the key legal issues both the judge advocate and FLO must understand before beginning the investigation.
Before recommending a short FLIPL, staffs should be cognizant that there may be other considerations beyond financial responsibility.
While effective command supply discipline is the first step to ensuring property accountability, FLIPLs will inevitably arise.
For the Soldier, the smart choice is clear: Go with the FLIPL every time.
To make the FLIPL an effective deterrent to property loss, the Army must improve the way the process leverages technology.
The administrative law division reviews numerous investigations and reports that may have potential claims including FLIPLs, (79) AR 15-6 investigations, and summary courts-martial proceedings.
That means initiation of a statement of charges or a FLIPL.
He provides quality assurance and quality control on administrative adjustment reports and assists with FLIPLs.
Again, we concluded that the 36th Engineer Brigade would be the appropriate headquarters to process FLIPLs for the following reasons:
Processing FLIPLs, like awards, was just as timely through the distant headquarters as it had been though the colocated ADCON brigade.
To simplify the task, this article recommends a generic, element-based explanation of "proximate cause" to cover both FLIPLs and LD investigations.