FLIPRFluorometric Imaging Plate Reader
FLIPRFluorescent Imaging Plate Reader
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Thus, Lawson and coworkers in 2009 [72] realized these novel series starting from the identification of the compound 4 (rat FLIPR [EC.sub.50] = 0.54 nM, rat UT binding [K.sub.i] = 0.12 nM) and the strictly related compound 5, also known as JNJ-28318706.
They want the features of our FLIPR and our competitors don't have the same features, [such as being able to integrate the reader] into an automated screening environment," he explained.
"With a product portfolio that includes Transfluor technology, our Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader (FLIPR), and reagents, Molecular Devices now offers best-in-class screening solutions for every major type of GPCR target," said Dr.
Drug Discovery products accounted for 39% of total sales and grew 19% due to acquired products, which were offset by declining sales for IonWorks, Analyst, FLIPR and Discovery-1 products.
Drug Discovery revenues benefited from improved sales of IonWorks HT, Discovery-1 and FLIPR products, while Life Science Research benefited from slightly improved sales of cellular imaging software.
Drug Discovery sales, which accounted for 48% of sales, improved 8% to $13.8 million on strong demand for IonWorks and FLIPR products.
Molecular Devices' data analysis package, SoftMax Pro 4.0, supports data analysis on all of our microplate readers including Analyst and FLIPR," explains Mr.
These products bolster the already substantial cell imaging product offerings of Molecular Devices, which include the Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader (FLIPR) system, along with updated versions FLIPR 2, FLIPR 3 and the Chemiluminescence Imaging Plate Reader (CLIPR) high-throughput cell-based assay screening system.
The company also hopes to expand the number of end markets for its FLIPR product and decrease R&D spending by year end to 12%-13% of total revenue.
coli genes in a single analysis, the Genechip Genflex Tag Array for the simultaneous interrogation of up to 2000 customer-defined reaction products in a single experiment, and the Human Genome U95 Set, which can analyze the expression of over 60,000 gene sequences from the NCBI UniGene Database...Molecular Devices introduced FLIPR Calcium Assay Kit to improve screening efficiency when using the FLIPR system...The company also introduced the Embla 96/384 well washer and the SkanWasher 400 microplate washer...Horiba has introducedthe EMAX ENERGY, a new energy dispersion X-ray analysis instrument, to be used with a electron microscope..Agilent Technologies has introduced two GPC-SEC start-up kits, the Organic GPC for organic polymer analysis and the Aqueous SEC for water-soluble
Skatron's microplate washer line will complement MD's Spectramax microplate readers and FLIPR fluorometric imaging plate reader systems, according to MD officials.
With the latter, researchers can choose a longer run time of 2-4 hours and get a read length of a thousand bases...Molecular Devices introduced the next generation of its Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader (FLIPR) system, the FLIPR384 System, which can use either a 384 or 96-well plate and an integrated 384 or 96-tip pipettor for delivering compounds from up to three separate plates...