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FLIRForward-Looking Infrared (Radar)
FLIRForward Looking Infrared Radar
FLIRForward Looking Infra Red
FLIRForward Looking Infrared Radiometer
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Commenting on the recently launched tech, Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR, boasted: "With the T1K, FLIR has once again raised the bar in the premium thermography segment.
In terms of performance, Flir One allows users to both see and measure subtle changes in temperature.
Pioneers in all aspects of infrared technology, FLIR designs, manufactures, and supports thermal imaging systems and subsystems for industrial, scientific, government, commercial, and firefighting applications.
Helinet has been a key partner of ours for more than 20 years, first as a customer and more recently as a reseller as well," said Brian Spillane, director of sales at FLIR Systems.
The FLIR i5 is the first infrared camera of its kind on the market in terms of weight, size, functionality and price.
Boresighting the new FLIR is basically the same as with the old ones.
The goal of PM FLIR is to enable "sensing beyond the visible" to reveal threats that might otherwise remain unseen or blended into the environment.
The Seahawk provided continuous FLIR coverage of the vessel which was monitored live by warfighting commanders, intelligence in Peleliu's joint operations center and individuals ashore.
FLIR Systems designs, manufactures and markets infrared imaging systems worldwide for a variety of applications.
Before start-up, I manually slewed the FLIR off the nose and up to an angle that seemed good.
For an explanation of the differences between FLIR and so-called "night vision," see Part 4 and Part 5 of Dave Adamy's "EW 101" series on EO/IR in JED (June 2001.