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FLITForeign Language and International Trade
FLITFrench Literature in Translation (various universities)
FLITFrequency Line Integration & Tracking
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Entry to the park is free and it's open every day, but tickets need to be booked for the Flit event (ysp.org.uk/events).
can flit from emotion to And his protest is another tactic the claim by Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp that Diego Costa should have been sent off here on Tuesday for the stamp on Martin Skrtel which led to his three-game ban.
In particular, QBLESS consists of three components: (1) a bufferless routing mechanism is responsible for selecting appropriate output ports for incoming flits in light of priority information (Section 3.1); (2) a congestion-control mechanism implements source throttling, obeying a new set of rules to adjust throttling rates (Section 3.2); and (3) a tagging mechanism conveys application flit priority information to NoC routers (Section 3.3).
Initial status: when the VC is reset, the structure is into the initial status until the flit arrive.
Sydney: A plan for wealthy executives and tourists landing in Sydney to flit directly to the city's famous harbour via a floating heliport has been put on hold after fierce public opposition.
She flits effortlessly from banjo-plucked blues stompers to kooky, otherworldly folk.
This M- Flit series laptop cooling Pad from GlacialTech is solidly built and is very stable.
Cardiff Crown Court heard how Anna Flit had been taken in by an alleged conman, who persuaded her to make him a joint holder of one of her accounts.
THE oak its gnarled and twisting bough Gives shelter to the grazing cow From heat and irritating flies That tend to flit around their eyes Growing deep within the wood Supplies the squirrel with its food In times of Raleigh and of Drake Its timbers the shipwright would make The keels and hulls of fighting ships Serving in the Tudor reign To singe the beard of the king of Spain Up to the time of Nelson and Hood The English oak supplied the wood Many ships went out to sea On the strength of the English tree.
Here is another interesting entry, quoting Hemingway as one Of the users of the word "flit": Flit, n.
GCMAS is recommended for all molds on presses up to 2000 tons but is said to be especially helpful to align the center section of stack molds, to prevent platen flit with very large molds, and to align multi-cavity molds with critical blank-off areas, such as tools for hinged closures, medical parts, thin-wall parts, and ones with thin cores.