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FLITCHForests for Livelihood Improvement in the Central Highlands
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The edging and trimming of each flitch was dependent on the flitch's shape, size, and clear area.
Because of high MC in flitches during the green-gluing process, bondline failures sometimes occurred, distorting the final results.
A former crown court judge, defence and prosecution lawyers from law firm Browning & Co, and a jury of 12 people from the town tried the flitch in Alcester town hall.
His Honour Judge Harrison-Hall has agreed to preside over the court and John Madge and Pauline Franklin of Alcester and Redditch law firm Browning & Co will be respectively prosecuting and defending the flitch.
The unedged strategy retained the entire flitch as imaged.
In the folk tale, a young lord of the manor and his wife, disguised as a poor travelling couple, go to a priory on their wedding anniversary to seek the abbott's blessing and are rewarded with a flitch of bacon.
Each log was first live-sawn into several flitches, and then each flitch from the central part of the log was resawn into two squares, each with a cross section of 45 by 45 mm, from the outer section of the heartwood to minimize the ring curvature.
The Flitch Trial, dating from the 12th century, is being revived at Alcester.
Mr Madge, who will hold the ancient position of Court Leet's "fish and flesh taster", said the last flitch trial in Alcester was held in the 1970s when Patrick Wheeler, the previous senior partner of the law firm, was one of the advocates.
Captain Simon Flitch and former Royal Navy Officer Bob Hubble, both with several decades of extensive experience in high-risk work environments, instructed the exercises which were recorded and played back, giving the participants the opportunity to assess and evaluate their performances.