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FLKFalkland Islands (Islas Malvinas, ISO Country code)
FLKFunny Looking Kid
FLKFolger Levin & Kahn LLP (San Francisco, CA)
FLKFentanyl Lidocaine Ketamine
FLKFetal Lamb Kidney
FLKFlanker (wide receiver in football)
FLKFathom-Lord Karathress (World of Warcraft boss)
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La paciente se recupero satisfactoriamente de la anestesia; posteriormente se mantuvo en hospitalizacion con cefalotina (20 mg/kg i.v., q.i.d.), meloxicam (0,1 mg/kg s.c., s.i.d.) y la infusion de FLK durante las primeras 24 horas despues de la cirugia; durante este intervalo de tiempo tambien se realizo succion del tubo de torax cada tres horas, obteniendose 500 ml de aire; durante las siguientes 48 horas este valor disminuyo rapidamente, hasta descender a un total de 50 ml el tercer dia, por lo cual se decidio retirar el tubo de torax ese dia.
The 7 defined zones are the South Atlantic Ocean (ATL),Florida Gulf Coast (FLGC), Florida Keys (FLK), Florida panhandle (FLPH), Louisiana (LA), northcentral Gulf of Mexico (NcGOM), and Texas (TX).
"We finally decided on Bosch, as this was the only manufacturer that was able to offer a highly efficient cleaning process, especially while machine parts are in contact with the product." Another advantage of the FLK is that the Cleaning-[a--Place process (CIP) is reproducible, which means that it can be repeated as often as required without becoming less effective.
Molecular contamination of extracted human DNA by BLV control DNA was monitored by using sheep-specific primers for the FLK cell line and plasmid vector primers for the C72/ taxNeo line (bovine mammary epithelial cells stably transfected with BLV tax gene) (12), the only 2 BLV-containing cell lines previously grown in the laboratory in which testing was conducted.
Donaldson's new FLK assemblies provide higher-pressure fatigue ratings than traditional filters.
A determinacao da sensibilidade analitica ou limite de deteccao (LD) foi realizada a partir de diluicao de uma amostra de DNA de celulas FLK infectadas com BLV.
All of the parts of the insulating film in the FLK Cu interconnect consisted of low-k films, of which robust Molecular-Pore-Stack (MPS) low-k film[1] with stable sub-nanometer-sized pores was deposited continuously on the SCC film on top of the underlying Cu lines[2].
British doctors, as we know, have wonderfully humorous dispositions , writing all those funny acronyms on patients' notes like FLK (funny looking kid) and UBI (unexplained beer injury).
His only choice is to turn to another rather mute but sexually attractive character, Hermann's niece, who "was an orphan and very silent....a modest and silent person" (FLK 262), a girl who "never made a sound" (FLK 270), and who, we may infer, will not ask any questions about his past.
The contracts were received by Arkitektgarden Schott AB, Bm Arkitekter AB, Sycon Teknikkonsult AB, FFNS Arkitekter AB, Galleriet AB, Bsv arkitekter & ingenjorer AB, R Eriksson Byggkonsult AB, GHAB Arkitekter & Ingenjorer AB, Vanga Fastighets & Byggkonsult AB, FLK, AF Elteknik AB and Tf-konsult.