FLLCFormat/Logo Licensing Corporation (digital versatile disc manufacturer)
FLLCFamily Limited Liability Company
FLLCForeign Language Learning Center (various locations)
FLLCForeign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Central Michigan University; Mount Pleasant, MI)
FLLCFull-Load Link-Correlation
FLLCFamily Life Learning Center (Texas)
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This certification guarantees that DVD-Video discs that are created by PowerProducer 2 can be played on any standalone DVD player which is also approved by DVD FLLC,'' said Alice H.
DVD FLLC is the corporation responsible for licensing the DVD format and the DVD logo defined by DVD Forum, and is also in charge of defining the test specification for format compatibility.
The Client : Kronospan FLLC is a wholly-owned Belarusian subsidiary of Kronospan Holdings East Limited, Cyprus.
These proceedings set a precedent as it is the first time a US based disc technology company defends its innovation against the DVD FLLC which is trying to keep innovation in disc format standards out of the market.
of Korby, TC Memo 2005-102, the Tax Court devoted substantial discussion to the operations of the FLPs or FLLCs involved.
Deemphasize the tax benefits of creating or using FLPs and FLLCs.
As the official watchdog organization for many DVD formats, DVD FLLC controls the familiar DVD equipment logos, including the DVD Multi players and DVD Multi recorders, which are required to play and record all the DVD Forum-approved formats.
The DVD FLLC does not control the DVD+RW format, or the write-one-time version, DVD+R.
Under license by the DVD CCA and DVD FLLC, Drive-in creates an image that is an exact duplicate of the information that is on the owner's original DVD disc, thus preserving original content protection.