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FLMFundación para las Letras Mexicanas (Spanish: Mexican Literature Foundation; Mexico)
FLMFrançais Langue Maternelle (French: French Mother Tongue)
FLMFaculté Libre de Médecine (French: Free School of Medicine)
FLMFuture Logical Model
FLMFace Lighting Method
FLMFord Lincoln Mercury (automobiles)
FLMFor the Learning of Mathematics
FLMFetal Lung Maturity
FLMFederación Luterana Mundial (Spanish)
FLMFédération Luthérienne Mondiale (French)
FLMFun Little Movies (Sprint - PCS)
FLMFederal Land Manager
FLMFlow Meter
FLMFun, Love, Money
FLMFédération Luxembourgeoise de Motorhomes (French: Luxembourg Federation of Motorhomes; Luxembourg)
FLMFirst Line Manager
FLMFaleminderit (Albanian: thank you)
FLMFirst Line Maintenance (technological assistance service)
FLMFirst Line Management
FLMField Level Maintenance
FLMFront Line Manager
FLMFocused-Lethality Munition
FLMFlexible Line Management (manufacturing production)
FLMFight Like Matt
FLMFederal Land Management
FLMFuori Le Mura (Italian: Outside the Walls; architecture)
FLMFlight Line Marshaller
FLMFemale-Led Marriage (relationship type)
FLMFree Love Movement
FLMFood, Labor, Mileage
FLMFamily Life Movement
FLMFirstline Mortgages (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
FLMFlight Line Maintenance
FLMFinished Lens Molding
FLMFlorida League of Mayors
FLMFiber Loop Multiplexer
FLMFirst Level Multiplexer
FLMFacility List Message (digital equipment)
FLMFixture Loading Mechanism
FLMFujitsu Lightwave Multiplexer (Telco Transport Equipment)
FLMFecky Little Men (gaming)
FLMFunding Lending Management (UK based lender)
FLMField Logistics Manager
FLMFile Level Metadata
FLMForward Link Module
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Rob McClelland, Pres/CEO of FLM Harvest says, "This acquisition will help us realize a long-standing goal to fully build out a farmer-driven food practice, and have more depth and expertise in reaching consumers to tell the story of food, agriculture and environmental sciences.
At the FLM meeting in April, members discussed issues that they will consistently need to revisit and address over the years as they develop into leaders, such as:
Commenting at the event, Ali Ahmed, Head of Brand Management at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: "Young people across the Emirates are telling creative and inspiring stories every day, and the Samsung SHRT FLM CNTST encouraged them to push the limits of their imaginations and share those stories with the world.
Parte de lo anterior y lo que sigue es producto de varias horas de conversacion con Bernardo Martinez Baca, quien fungio como contralor, vigilante acucioso de los ingresos y los gastos de la Fundacion Octavio Paz desde su creacion, y luego de la institucion que la sustituyo desde 2003: la FLM.
Over the last 40 years, several FLM tests were developed and used clinically for the assessment of fetal lung maturity.
Amniotic fluid specimens received by the Barnes-Jewish Hospital laboratory for FLM II testing were processed and analyzed according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
8220;Our new Social TV is designed to integrate social media and other interactive applications that are often used by viewers, bringing their lifestyle closer to their entertainment,” stated Diane Bernard, Founder & President of FLM.
Grenache references the new CLSI guideline on assessment of FLM by the lamellar body count (endnote 3).
FLM was configured to move files from KV's primary Networked Attached Storage (NAS) devices to secondary storage when those files meet certain criteria in order to reduce load on the primary higher-performance (and therefore more costly) storage system.
The commercial TDx FLM II assay (Abbott Laboratories), which is based on fluorescence polarization technology and the dye PC-16 (5), is the most commonly used method to assess FLM (6).
Beginning in May 2009, the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement began receiving wage claims against FLM Law Center.
Through this program, the United States and FLM partners will collaborate to facilitate complementary capacity-building trainings in LMI countries.