FLMICFlorida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company
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In order to receive a premium quote, complete a FLMIC application found at www.flmic.com and submit it to one of the company's underwriting professionals.
Fogg said: "FLMIC's Board of Directors and The Florida Bar created this endowment to promote professionalism, civility, and ethical conduct in the practice of law, attributes that benefit everyone in our profession."
Essays will be judged by a committee of at least four individuals, including but not limited to a representative of FLMIC, the YLD, GPSSF Section, and the Center for Professionalism.
The work began several years prior to the company's formation when the Board of Governors asked Ferrero, who became the first president of FLMIC, to head a special committee to look into the insurance issue.
The first presentation, "Really, that's malpractice?" was given by FLMIC claims counsel Mary K.
Additional contest details are available on the FLMIC website, www.flmic.com.
Loucks, president and chief operating officer of FLMIC.
The topic for the essays was "Best Practices for a Law Office in the 'Age of Cloud Computing'" Pictured from the left are Bill Robbinson, executive vice president of FLMIC; Renee Thompson, past president of the YLD; Baker; William Loucks, FLMIC president; Nancy Stuparich, FLMIC's risk manager; and Everson.
"FLMIC chose a writing competition for our Florida law students, so that they could explore practice issues in depth, while in an academic setting before entering practice," said YLD President Renee Thompson.
If you make a claim, a FLMIC representative will come to your office, in person, within 48 hours--the company moved offices from Tallahassee to Orlando so it's more centrally located to serve all of Florida.
Now 19 years later, FLMIC has begun to pay back the last of those who helped capitalize the captive insurance company.
But Ferrero, who spearheaded the creation of FLMIC when he was president in 1988-89 and still chairs the FLMIC board, said the Bar endorsing a different carrier could eventually lead to destabilization of the lawyer liability insurance market and higher rates.