FLMPFlip Chip Leaded Molded Package
FLMPFlip Leaded Molded Package (product feature)
FLMPFuzzy Logical Model of Perception (psychology, artificial intelligence)
FLMPFuzzy Little Man Peach
FLMPForm, Line, Major Peril (Numeric ID of type of policy, type of risk and coverages included)
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In light of the above observations, participation in FLMP is primarily aimed at understanding the opinions and needs of the stakeholders, as well as considering the outcomes for the decision-making process.
The research was conducted in the Val d'Agri-Melandro-Sauro-Camastra, a mountainous area of Southern Italy (Basilicata Region), within the context of an ongoing FLMP.
Two open meetings were organized in order to present the principles of FLMP to the citizens and launch the participation process.
During the first stage, all stakeholders who affect, and/or are affected by the FLMP have been identified through a brainstorming session between the researchers involved in the plan and local experts.
In this case study, the forest values were elicited because the main objective was to understand what were the stakeholders' perception and preferences regarding the forest multifunctionality in order to define the priority actions of FLMP. In other words, the forest management priorities - in term of forest function - can be aligned based on the values of different stakeholders or groups of stakeholders.
The information collected during the interviews was used in the next phase of the FLMP (definition of objectives and actions).
The implementation of both models (value measurement and pairwise comparison) in the participatory process of FLMP, showed interesting results in highlighting stakeholders' preferences.
In the present research, as a matter of fact, the value measurement model made enabled a first ranking of preferences that could already be used to orientate planners in defining the priorities of FLMP. However, with this approach the respondents were solicited to assess separately the value of each forest goods and services, without taking into account any internal relationship and priority order.
Authors do not think that the participatory planning process as it was implemented in the present case is optimal and we know that a lot of work still remains, but we are convinced that the exercise here can help design the handling of a FLMP, where multiple stakeholders and conflicting criteria could be involved.
A message from Flame Seal's president: "Due to recent developments of the company, it has been determined that, for the first time, the timing is right to go through the difficult process of qualifying FLMP as a "Current Information" stock.