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FLOBFar Lands or Bust (gaming)
FLOBFlex On BSP (SAP BSP extension elements)
FLOBFree Loading Oxygen Breather
FLOBFrei Literarisch Orientierte Beiträge (German online humanities journal)
FLOBFloral Art Object
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Sources and distribution of the corpus texts selected from FLOB, FROWN, BrE06, and AmE06.
Bell once again added the two points to bring Bahrain to the half-century and within five minutes he had the chance to strike another successful kick after seeing his captain Rich Wilkinson flob over from close range.
I used to laugh it off, but it does hurt to be known as the blob or the big flob.
If cries really are anything to go by then Flob the cat was absolutely livid when it was recruited as a blood donor for a kitten with fleas.
Yalcin did spit, but he didn't appear to spit at anyone in particular - he just did a great big footballer's flob into the centre circle and next thing you know he was off (perhaps, as it was once rumoured Don Revie used to do, Mr.
I looked outside, saw he was correct, and informed him this was the proverbial "sucker's gap." Upon further discussion with the flight commander and our flight observer (known as FLOBS) under training, we decided to launch and increase the ship's radar coverage of the area.
Many moons ago, the Not The Nine O'Clock News show ran a spoof sketch called Gob of the Season where the greatest televised football flobs were replayed in slow motion.