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FLOCFarm Labor Organizing Committee
FLOCFor Love of Children
FLOCFederated Logic Conference
FLOCFlag Letter of Commendation (US DoD)
FLOCForce Logistics Operation Center
FLOCFort Lee Officers Club
FLOCFuzzy Logic Object-Based Classifier
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Meanwhile, the E1 floc size of the PADA-3 (18.3 [micro]m) shown in Figure 11(b) was larger than that of PADA-2 (16.2 [micro]m).
Then FLOC of [s.sub.i] and [r.sub.1]is employed to make the cost function as follows (adopting FLOC of [s.sub.i] and [r.sub.2] to make the cost function is equivalent)
(vi) Utilization of FLOC for clustering also ensures that impact of link changes (additions or removals) is contained within a bounded distance from the source of the event.
Now, we can estimate the floc density to determine the effect of flocculation on flocs sedimentation rate.
Some unions, including FLOC and UE, for instance, are pioneers in this type of work, but we have a long way to go to break the "provincial" approach to labor organizing many unions have in the USA.
Gerhard Furrer, a geochemist at the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology in Zurich, and colleagues report in the 27 September 2002 issue of Science that aluminum flocs originate mainly from condensations of the aluminum complex Al[O.sub.4][Al.sub.12][(OH).sub.24][([H.sub.2]O).sub.12.sup.7+], or [Al.sub.13].
Micro-bubbles are introduced which, by principles of van der Waals force, attach to the floc and cause it to rise to the surface in the clarifier, where skimmer boards remove it to a sludge holding section.
Today, FLOC represents over 7,000 migrant farmworkers in the Midwest.
For more information, go to FLOC's web site at www.iupui.edu/~floc.
In 18 months, FLOC has signed up more than 2,000 migrant workers who harvest pickling cucumbers for the company.
This paper discusses the significance of flocculation and the factors that control it on the MRD, compares our results to those of previous flocculation studies on rivers from southern Ontario (Canada), and draws inferences from associated observations of instream chemical, biological, and physical characteristics and from "between site" differences in floc size and related data.
So in 1979 FLOC took the unusual step of bypassing the employers by launching a nationwide boycott of Campbell's.