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FLOPFloating Point Operation
FLOPFloating-Point Operation
FLOPFlowers, Liquor, Orchestra, Photographer (Jewish groom's gifts)
FLOPFire Loss of Profits (insurance)
FLOPFirst Letters of Phrase (password creation technique)
FLOPFortran Language Oriented Parser (computer programming)
FLOPFluorescent Lipid Oxidation Products
FLOPFriends of Leash Optional Park (Winter Springs, FL)
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The Flip Flop Shops brand is exclusively devoted to the most fashion-forward styles of lifestyle footwear.
"Now Bing and Flop will be taking centre stage with his own live show in Big Fun Show Time each day for Bingsters and their families to enjoy.
The Table I shows the comparison result of Master Slave Flip Flop and Pulsed Latch.
Indeed, with Fosbury flop tears representing only 2.6% of all posterosuperior rotator cuff tears [4] and musculotendinous junction lesions being also exceptional, the conjunction of these two pathologies explains the singularity of the presented case.
He had pocket kings, and his opponent had A-K and spiked the ace on the flop, taking his entire stack.
Of course, any opponent who does have an ace isn't going away, because the flop just produced the best possible outcome for his or her hand.
Besides stress fractures, the lack of support in the usually flat-bottomed flip flop leaves people vulnerable to stubbing toes, spraining ankles or tearing ligaments, not to mention cuts, scrapes, bruises and blisters.
For additional outlets check their Facebook page by searching for Shibshibi Flip Flops.
Ideally, you want to see a good average for the number of players that go on to see a flop. This will ensure there is enough action and give you a better chance of being paid off when you hit a big hand.
Appraisers who can analyze complicated markets, appraisers who can provide different types of value opinions (market value and liquidation value), and appraisers who can write concise and meaningful reports are one of the lenders' best defenses against a fraudulent flop," Wiley advises.
Reporters from the Times and Congressional Quarterly will research a candidate's statements and determine whether the candidate has earned a No Flip, Half Flip, or Full Flop.