FLOTForward Line of Own Troops
FLOTFlying Lead Orientaton Tool (subsea flying lead assembly)
FLOTFairbanks Light Opera Theater (Alaska)
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Logistics estimates from brigade engineers routinely show low consumption rates, and with the exception of two line companies, the supported units within the BEB do not travel anywhere near the FLOT because of the battalion's mission set.
The FSC's other two M978s and crews supplied fuel to the two engineer companies that executed Sapper, route reconnaissance, mobility, and countermobility missions much closer to the FLOT.
Minimal FSC representation in the FTCP and BSA was optimal because it allowed assets to be stationed forward in the BEB TAA to conduct logistics release point operations with the BSB's distribution company and in company trains with engineer companies that were operating near the FLOT.
After the rolling terrain of Bavaria began to degrade communication, we had to re-tool the squadron PACE (primary, alternate, contingency, emergency) plan in order to maintain communication between the various C2 nodes and the FLOT.
The other option is to plus the troops up on all classes of supply and have them go without a resupply until the FLOT moves again--but this must be a deliberate decision by the squadron commander).