FLRECFort Lauderdale Research and Education Center (University of Florida; Davie, FL)
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(2) Wild coffee, 1.7 [+ or -] 0.3 m tall, growing as a hedge in full sun on the campus of Broward College, which is adjacent to the FLREC (25[degrees]5'N, 80[degrees]14'W).
Observations were not made in Jun 2006 on wax myrtle at Site 1 (FLREC).
After 80 min, the cold-treated plants were removed from the cold chamber and placed outdoors in the nursery at the FLREC. The minimum daily outdoor temperature at the FLREC during 15 d post-treatment was +12[degrees]C, recorded by the Florida Automatic Weather Network (FAWN) on Dec 27, 2003.
Due to limitations in the area infested by BHA on the FLREC property, it was not possible to replicate large plots.
Seven rectangular plots (approximately 7.6 x 15.2 m = 115.5 [m.sup.2]) were delineated on the FLREC property (Fig.
The BHA population at our location seems to have displaced the red imported fire ants (RIFA) (Solenopsis invicta Buren) that are ubiquitous on the FLREC property except in places where BHA are nesting.