FLSPFlame Spraying (welding)
FLSPFloyd Lamb State Park
FLSPFront Line Service Personnel
FLSPFrench-Language Services Policy (Canada)
FLSPFilaggrin Linker Segment Peptide
FLSPFront Left Speaker Posse
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With FSPs available, the next step is to select a subset of promising FSPs called frequent labeled sequential patterns (FLSPs) which are then used for classification.
Note that we have two classes: medication and symptom; thus, the FLSPs are different for each class.
Meanwhile, it is not be discussed whether the FLSP's capacity can afford inserting operation.
In mass service process, the case may occur that service capacity is insufficient due to FLSP's capacity limitation.
In a logistics service supply chain (LSSC) [3], a logistics service integrator (LSI) provides customized logistics services by integrating the service capacities of multiple functional logistics service providers (FLSPs); the LSI and the FLSPs constitute a logistics service supply chain (LSSC).
(2) The existing research on the quality supervision game in LSSC explored the impact of quality behaviors (such as quality commitment behavior) of a LSI and a FLSP on the performance of the supply chain but did not consider the impact of multiple FLSPs' competition on the performance of the supply chain [2, 5].
In the present qualitative study, we describe the multicultural training of FLSP in a small midwestern city, explore these providers' definitions of cultural competence, and suggest that multicultural competence training should be given to a wide range of human service providers.
The FLSP also laid to rest the question on whether employees are given priority over the government and secured creditors for their unpaid salaries vis-a-vis specific immovable and movable properties of their employer.
In the LSSC, the conflict and competition widely exist in the cooperation of logistics service capacities since the LSI and the FLSP are independent economic entities [11].
Equations (8) and 9) are the constraints of the FLSPs' satisfaction in the mass service stage and the customized stage, respectively, indicating that the satisfaction of each FLSP should be more than the lower limit that they can accept.
To ensure the property is properly valued, the FLSP Rules gives an interested party the right to contest the valuation.
The FLSP Rules is the second of two sets of rules of procedure promulgated by the SC to implement the Financial Rehabilitation and Insolvency Act ('FRIA').