FLTFAFederal Land Transaction Facilitation Act
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Similarly, the FLTFA makes explicit that nothing in the Act "precludes, preempts or limits" the authority of land management agencies to conduct exchanges under the FLPMA exchange provisions.
Under the SNPLMA, land sales remain subject to all "other applicable law." (160) Likewise, FLTFA states that: "Nothing in this title provides an exemption from any limitation on the acquisition of land ...
Both the SNPLMA and the FLTFA provide for retention of the land sale proceeds by the land management agencies.
Unlike the area-specific SNPLMA, the FLTFA bestows all proceeds from sales and exchanges conducted pursuant to its authority into a "separate account in the Treasury of the United States to be known as the Federal Land Disposal Account." (173) The FLTFA also contains a self-termination provision.
Both the SNPLMA and the FLTFA were passed with the intention that the proceeds retained by the agencies would be used to purchase private land worthy of public protection and to facilitate more effective land management.
Under the FLTFA, proceeds from the sales may be expended for two purposes.
The acquisition provisions of both the SNPLMA and the FLTFA have their weaknesses.
The acquisition provision of the FLTFA also has its share of shortcomings.
In addition, the FLTFA's definition of "exceptional resources" is confusing.