FLTLFluent Linear Temporal Logic
FLTLFlight Line
FLTLFederal Language Training Laboratory
FLTLForeign Language Teaching and Learning
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The social-based DOI metrics, FLTL and CULTLINKS, plus TMIE, loaded
with social measures of internationalization, FLTL and CULTLINKS in our
dispersion of the firm's transnational board interlocks (FLTL and
FSP and FLTL framework for specification and verification of middle-agents.
However, in our opinion, Fltl (VEGFR1) is not a marker of angiogenesis--this study not revealed statistically significant reaction in normal and IBD bowels.
"Using our newly established cell surface markers, we could detect and isolate the Fltl and Flt4 positive CPCs in culture," said Schenke-Layland.