FLTSFlats (street type)
FLTSFlight Test Squadron (Air Force Flight Test Center)
FLTSFlat Size (US Postal Service)
FLTSFlight Line Test Set
FLTSForeign Language Teaching School
FLTSFirst Lots to Stock
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The 370th FLTS is an embedded Air Force Reserve unit with a mission of providing KC-135 aerial refueling test support to both operational and test-configured receiver aircraft at Edwards's 412th Test Wing.
Since some 370th FLTS pilots are test pilots and some of its boom operators are flight test boom operators, they augment the KC-135, KC-10 and KC-46 flight test and aerial refueling flight test for Air Force Test Center programs.
10th FLTS, Tinker AFB, Okla: B-1s, B-52s, KC- 133s and E-3s.
They are accompanied by chase aircraft with safety, photo and refueling support from the 370th FLTS at Edwards AFB, Calif.
It's an all-encompassing mission area that is unique," said Colonel Carpenter, who was the 370th FLTS commander prior to assuming his current position.
She is the 412th FLTS test and engineering flight commander and program manager for this endeavor.
Eight different models of the C-130 are scheduled to undergo AMP testing, said Dave King, 418th FLTS C-130 AMP project manager.
The 10th FLTS is directly assigned to the Oklahoma City ALC.
Monte Cannon, a project pilot and 416th FLTS F-16 chase pilot for the mission.
Lot 1 Provision of Trainer Assessors to deliver training under the approved centre status of FLTS.
Money also can be wired to 445 FLTS Memorial Fund, ABA number 322270770, account number 74533.