FLUCFree Labour Union of China (est. 1992)
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MSC D1s were transduced with the FLuc or LSSmO_NLuc lentiviral particles using a multiplicity of infection (MOI) of ~5 and polybrene (8 [micro]g/mL in culture medium) and then expanded.
8-10-week-old female transgenic mice (Xenogen Corp., Hopkinto, MA), expressing firefly luciferase (Fluc) under the promoter of murine vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (vegfr2), were housed under standard laboratory conditions [26].
Two successive water table manipulations were performed for Fluc mesocosms indicating low and high water tables.
WHILE GAS PRICES CONTINUE TO FLUC TUATE, it is clear that many consumers are making long-term adjustments to their driving and shopping routines and fueling habits.
(86) Virginia Rau, A Casa dos Contos (Coimbra: FLUC, 1951), 416 e 414.
``I follow her image closely,but she's only a size 68and I'ma size 12 and I'vehad two chil dren so there are obvious differ ences,'' she smiles.``I've always got to watch what I eat and I have to keep to quite a strict diet because my weight does tend to fluc tuate.That's probably the biggest stress of this job, watch ing my weight and thinking `Imust lose a few pounds this week because I'vegot to be Kylie.
To capture such an effect, using a method from Conroy (1975) and Diamond and Simon (1990), we decompose the volatility of output into two parts: one part that results from each industry's output fluc tuation and another part that results from the correlation of output fluctuations.
Slight fluc tuant fullness along right cord below vasectomy site.
hNSCs stably expressing enhanced green fluorescence protein (eGFP) and firefly luciferase (fLuc) reporter genes were labeled with SPIO for MRI and grafted into an experimental stroke model.