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We pored together over such works as the Ververt et Chartreuse of Gresset; the Belphegor of Machiavelli; the Heaven and Hell of Swedenborg; the Subterranean Voyage of Nicholas Klimm by Holberg; the Chiromancy of Robert Flud, of Jean D'Indagine, and of De la Chambre; the Journey into the Blue Distance of Tieck; and the City of the Sun by Campanella.
Famularo and Idnani said Flud Watches signed a ten-year lease for the space, which they hope to open by November.
Two other authors from Usher's bookcase, Flud (correctly respelt as Fludd) and Swedenborg, make their appearance in Borges' pages: 'La muerte y la brujula' / 'Death and the Compass' mentions as being in one of its characters' possession an imaginary study of the real Fludd, Examen de la filosofia de Robert Fludd (An Examination of the Philosophy of Robert Fludd) (Borges 1971b), while in 1975 Borges published a preface to a selection from Swedenborg, including an extended discussion of Heaven and Hell (Borges 1998a).
In an effort to gain ready cash at a moment of fiscal crisis, the Florentine government, beginning in 1425, offered to the city's fathers a sort of dowry insurance scheme related to the already extant public debt: they could invest a certain amount of money in the new Dowry Fund in the name of a daughter for a flud period (eventually ranging from five to fifteen years), and, if she was properly married by the time the investment came due, her husband collected a dowry in the amount of the original investment plus compounded interest.
It is true that the cryptic inscription does not appear to read 'iohannes maris' as Dart thought, but 'matres' is an anagram of 'master', leaving only the 'maris' to be understood, and this can still mean 'sea' (= flood = Flud = Lloyd).
ALTHOUGH Brother Henry Foley SJ, included ~Rivers' among the aliases of Father Henry Floyd (1563-1641),the fact that he also passed as Lloyd, Smith, Simonds, and Flud, with an ominous ~&c.' at the end of the short list which was all that Foley saw fit to muster,(1) scarcely removes the obscurity of his real identity.
FLuD Watches, Doug Cohen, Founder/CEO, 646-416-9839, P.
Norm Clark said in his column: "Clark County Coroner Ron Flud confirmed that another person was in the sixth-floor suite at the Hard Rock Hotel with Entwistle, but he wouldn't elaborate.
Williams apparently died of natural causes, said Clark County Coroner Mr Ron Flud. He had walked several miles on Monday and was a few blocks from home.