FLUTDFeline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
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FLUTD is common enough that many cat owners and their cats will have to deal with this at some point.
Remember that while FLUTD can be a minor medical hassle, it can also be an emergency.
Thus, the electrolyte balance could be useful as a tool in preventing urolithiasis and FLUTD.
Around 10 per cent of cats with obstructive FLUTD suffer from bladder stones - a condition called urolithiasis.
This technique does not avoid occurrence of FLUTD signs, since magnitude of the urethra is drastically reduced, urethral diameter is enlarged, and anatomical natural barriers are limited (BAINES et al., 2001; FOSSUM, 2008).
We know, however, that in the majority of cases of obstructive FLUTD in cats of Donald's age, the cause was likely to be a urethral plug.
Thirty years of research has failed to identify absolute causes of FLUTD, but defects in the bladder lining, the formation of bladder stones and inflammation of the bladder wall causing leakage of a sticky material.
We are saving our worries (and money) for feline old age (the last ShortTakes muse, Gertie, lived to 21) when maladies like feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) are likely to strike.
For example, spayed female cats incur an immediate 2.6 percent risk of surgical complications, as well as a high risk of obesity, and less than a one percent risk of either FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease) or diabetes mellitus--all later in life.