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FLUXFlorida Linux User Xchange
FLUXFranc Luxemburguès (national currency)
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Kezia's entrance, with very black looks, to inquire if she shouldn't bring in the tea now, or whether the toast was to get hardened to a brick, was a seasonable check on Bob's flux of words, and hastened his parting bow.
If you had the scientific imagination, you would cast your mind forward from this one fact, and you would see some few millions of years hence--a mere passing moment in the enormous flux of the ages--the whole world teeming once more with the animal and human life which will spring from this tiny root.
This was a surprising discovery, and I was exceeding glad of them; but I was warned by my experience to eat sparingly of them; remembering that when I was ashore in Barbary, the eating of grapes killed several of our Englishmen, who were slaves there, by throwing them into fluxes and fevers.
One type of salt flux is predominantly composed of a mixture of high purity sodium chloride and potassium chloride.
In plant membrane transport, active transport of [H.sup.+] forms the driving force for other ion fluxes (including [Zn.sup.++] and [Cd.sup.++]), therefore, in this initial report of our on-going study, we describe a comparison of [H.sup.+] fluxes associated with roots of A.
The related component is magnetized to a level at which the presence of a significant local reduction in material thickness causes sufficient distortion of the internal magnetic field to allow flux lines to break the test surface at the site of the discontinuity.
Neutral plane shift is defined as the plane within the machine where the velocity of rotor wire is exactly parallel to magnetic flux lines so, that induced voltage is zero.
Abstract: Use of no-clean flux technology for the wave soldering process of a printed circuit board assembly influences the humidity-related robustness of the electronic devices due to the ionic residues remaining on the PCBA surface after soldering.
Customers using cards issued by Flux's partner banks will receive digital receipts directly into their banking apps when they shop at Itsu.
A team of scientists affiliated with ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET) used the design of the movie flux capacitor as a model to create what they call a new type of electronic circulator.
Although conditions at such a height apparently do not meet the common requirements for flux measurements [15], turbulence analysis and flux results supported the use of the EC method at such heights within screenhouses.
The mechanism of how salt fluxes work has been attributed to thermodynamic chemical reactions and surface tension effects between the aluminum oxide and the flux, the aluminum oxide and the molten metal, and the molten metal and the flux.