FLWAFort Lewis, Washington
FLWAFrench Lake Wrestling Association (Minnesota; professional wrestling league)
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Ideker, "Durability assessment of high-performance concrete with SRAs and FLWAs," Cement and Concrete Composites, vol.
Xu [8] developed some operators for aggregating the triangular fuzzy linguistic variables, such as the fuzzy linguistic averaging ( FLA ) operator, the fuzzy linguistic weighted averaging (FLWA) operator, the fuzzy linguistic ordered weighted averaging (FLOWA) operator, and the induced FLOWA (IFLOWA) operator.
Means and Standard Deviations for the General Foreign Language Anxiety, the Foreign Language Writing Anxiety and the Native Language Writing Anxiety by Institution and Overall Institution GFLA FLWA NLWA M DS M DS M DS UDO 87.66 21.30 59.72 14.74 53.90 11.34 UPEL-B 77.29 20.39 52.02 13.69 46.02 10.8 Global 83.17 21.45 56.38 14.74 50.48 11.76 Note.