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FLXFinger Lakes (New York)
FLXField Leadership Exercise (US Army)
FLXFederal Learning eXchange
FLXFlex Physical Simulation (Computer-Aided Tridimensional Interactive Application; Dassault Systemes and IBM)
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Laughing without the lines, smiling without the sag, these are the promises behind Thermage FLX, the pioneer in skin tightening for more than 10 years.
- US-based Personalis, Inc., a specialist in advanced genomics for cancer, has entered into a research agreement with biopharmaceutical company FLX Bio, Inc., which is developing orally-available, small molecule drugs targeting the immune drivers of cancer and inflammatory diseases, the company said.
The FLX One was designed and tested with ultimate security in mind.
As the industry's leading merchandising engine, FLX Merchandise will enable Etihad to showcase optional products such as preferred seats, priority boarding, and other amenities that improve customers' travel experience.
Spine company Centinel Spine LLC reported on Thursday the receipt of the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) the 510(k) clearance to market its Integrated Interbody and non-integrated interbody fusion devices for the treatment of degenerative disc disease under its STALIF FLX Platform.
Beyond eliminating many chemicals, Project FLX is expected to reduce textile waste by more accurately making what the market needs, and may also provide the opportunity to save water in the future.
In the Finger Lakes region of New York, Riesling is unquestionably king, and regional experts of all sorts--producers, retailers and die-hard local fans--all can tell you what a "typical" FLX Riesling is.
AlternativeWSUN-FM97.1, licensed to Holiday, Fla., began using the Flexiva FLX in early 2016.
Then, a total of 60 rats under the circumstance of similar baseline characteristics of BW, SPT, and OFT were assigned into control, model, model + acupuncture (Acu), model + fluoxetine (FLX), model + acupuncture + H89 (Acu + H89), and model + fluoxetine + H89 (FLX + H89) groups at random, with 10 rats in each group.
By reviewing the literature, there are many analytical methods for individual determination of Flr or Flx or in combination with other drugs in a pharmaceutical formulation, but none of these methods include stability-indicating analytical method for the simultaneous determination of both Flr and Flx, in the presence of degradation materials [4-11].
Therefore, the current study aimed (i) to study the comparative composition of the fatty acid profiles of six selected Egyptian flaxseed cultivars and (ii) to test the hypothesis that the highest cultivars in omega-3 fatty acids G9 and G10 could attenuate the biochemical changes and depression symptoms in rat model of PPD compared to the antidepressant drug fluoxetine (FLX).