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FLXFinger Lakes (New York)
FLXField Leadership Exercise (US Army)
FLXFederal Learning eXchange
FLXFlex Physical Simulation (Computer-Aided Tridimensional Interactive Application; Dassault Systemes and IBM)
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In addition to announcing its financing, FLX Bio recently dosed its first subject in a Phase 1 clinical trial for FLX475, a best-in-class, oral small molecule antagonist of CCR4.
To understand the regional typicity of FLX Rieslings better, and to determine whether winemakers and consumers perceive FLX Rieslings the same way, the Cornell Enology Extension Lab devised a multi-stage sensory evaluation using wine experts, producers and consumers in a series of modified typicity trials, descriptive analysis and Napping analyses in 2011.
FLX Shop & Price provides WestJet cost savings opportunities, improved response times, flexibility, and the ability to modify ATPCO fares.
Cox Media Group partially influenced GatesAir to develop the FLX solid-state line, given the success of liquid-cooling in TV transmission technology, and less successful efforts to liquid-cool FM tube transmitters due to the increasing challenges of working with tubes.
Joncryl FLX 5000-A: Noted for its good resolubility and printability while still having good water and heat resistance, Joncryl FLX 5000-A is used in medium duty surface film printing (LDPE and OPP substrates) in applications like shopping bags and bread bags and also on the outside of PE coated paper applications like paper cups.
From FLX Mimosa's to FLX Bloody Mary's, the event focused around a menu of locally sourced foods is sure to become a family tradition for those who love the beauty of the region, Finger Lakes wines, and Finger Lakes cuisine.
Wireless audio solutions provider Revolabs Inc introduced on Tuesday the Revolabs FLX VoIP, its wireless conference phone designed for VoIP networks.
Conair claim the system was designed to be affordable and easy to install and expand, a processor could start with an FLX system to manage just 8 loaders and 2 pumps (one primary pump and one back-up pump), and then increase capacity and capabilities in manageable increments when necessary, simply by adding input and output cards.
Other notable IceMan FLX features include a rotating module for easy draw-length adjustments, quiet InVelvet finish, stainless steel stabilizer-mounting insert and a String Stop.
The stainless-steel FLX 1200 handles viscous and light liquids and includes a mobile filling pump module on castor wheels that can be disconnected to accommodate piston, gear and peristaltic pumps.
Built on Motorola's FLEX(R) protocol, the worldwide de facto standard for high-speed messaging, the CreataLink FLX receiver works with existing nationwide 900 MHz networks and enables systems integrators and software developers to create new and innovative products that are highly versatile and cost-effective.
All of Tencor's FLX systems measure stress using an "optical lever cantilever beam" technique.