FM2Forza Motorsport 2 (video game)
FM2Fluid Mechanics 2 (engineering course)
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In accordance with the generalized structural scheme of the channel for the formation of signals (Figure 2), the DDS performs the function of the former of a grid of frequencies, and the PLL loop is the output frequency multiplier FM2. As a frequency multiplier of the reference oscillator FM1, as a rule, transistor cascades with small multiplication factors are used.
"I have to use Bedrocan" - a variety of cannabis with about 22 per cent THC, compared to FM2's 8 per cent.
The PAP mode was set to rotate FM2 for continuous targeting of a specific area as Terra passed over the region.
Turns out FM2 does not need to worry because the two supposed lovebirds hate each other's guts.
Caption: FIGURE 2: Correlation of brain symmetry index at rest recorded during the first session (BS[I.sub.c1]) with (a) Motricity Index in the first (MI1, blue) and second session (MI2, green) and with (b) Fugl-Meyer in the first (FM1, blue) and second session (FM2, green).
The Filtramag FM2.5 has received a recent upgrade to the FM2.0+/11K, now offering even better levels of both magnetic performance and contamination removal efficiency due to the re-designed flow path of the fluid through the filter.
FM2 is assumed to be a failure mode in a power supply system; the GBPAs are shown in Table 4.
Sin embargo, es menester mencionar que la mayoria de los especialistas mencionados corresponden a las disciplinas biomedicas, y que incluyen ademas a neurologos, psiquiatras, urologos, genetistas, psicologos, lo cual refleja el caracter multidimensional de la FM2. De hecho, es comun encontrar tambien que se incluya a la FM dentro de los llamados trastornos somaticos (36), correspondientes a las nosografias psicologico-psiquiatricas actuales, aunque no hay mencion sobre esto en los articulos analizados.
My dad's old Canon AE-i 35 mm, which I used along with my mother's slightly less old Nikon FM2.