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FM3Forza Motorsport 3 (video game)
FM3Front Mission 3 (video game)
FM3Fluid Mechanics 3 (engineering course)
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Repeat the four steps above, the GERPNs for FM2, FM3, FM4, and FM5 can be calculated, and the results are shown as (24), (25), (26), and (27), respectively:
We can prove that the set function [[micro].sub.p] as defined by (1.4) satisfies the properties (FM1) - (FM3) of a fuzzy measure.
Neuromedin U is a potent agoni stat the orphan G protein-coupled receptor FM3. J Biol Chem 2000; 275:20247-50.
Os grupos identificados foram: Grupo 1 com C30.1; Grupo 2 com C30.2 e C30.3; Grupo 3 com FM1, FM2, FM3; Grupo 4 com C40.2 (Figura 3).
law followed a change to Mexican laws dealing with Americans living and working in Mexico with an FM3 visa, said Jaime Diez, a Brownsville-based immigration attorney.
The survey was conducted over a two-week period in January by the bipartisan polling team of Paul Maslin (FM3) and Glen Bolger (Public Opinion Strategies).
It is essentially designed to look like a larger Nikon FM3, a very popular choice amongst photographers back in the film era.
All the three replicates of ten groups like GM1 (50 g grasshopper/kg of total feed), GM2 (100 g grasshopper/kg of total feed), GM3 (150 g grasshopper/kg of total feed), FM1 (50 g fish meal/kg of total feed), FM2 (100 g fish meal/kg of total feed), FM3 (150 g fish meal/kg of total feed), SM1 (50 g soybean meal/kg of total feed), SM2 (100 g soybean meal/kg of total feed), SM3 (150 g soybean meal/kg of total feed), and reference diet (R) were kept in California-type battery cage which provides 200-square-centimetre area per bird.
The fermentation medium used was FM3 [32]; the medium was autoclaved at 121[degrees]C for 20 min.
All the three chalcogenides, namely, CeS, CeSe, and CeTe, considered in the present work crystallize in the NaCl type structure (B1) with space-group symmetry Fm3 m under normal conditions.
Building on its existing FM3 Family, the FM4 Family offers products with even greater computational performance and enhanced peripheral functionality.