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Students also got hands-on with a Jaguar F-TYPE car, displayed during an official opening ceremony to celebrate Erdington Academy joining FMAT in September.
FMAT had been providing schoolto-school support to the academy since February 2015, which saw it being removed from special measures by education watchdog Ofsted in November 2015.
It went on to say: "The school has benefited from highly effective and focused external support provided by FMAT. This work is supportA -ing improvements in the quality of teaching and of leadership.
In June 2006, all DoD services and major Defense agencies were tasked to identify representatives to serve as members of the FMAT. These members serve as the primary liaison between the FMO Team, the Defense coordinating officer/element (DCO/E, Figure 1), and units performing missions under the orders of a primary federal agency.
The FMAT may co-locate at USNORTHCOM headquarters during major crises but may operate from members' home stations (in a virtual manner) during smaller contingencies.
* Activate Financial Management Augmentation Team, or FMAT
To determine if the FMAT should be activated, three elements should exist: a request or an order from a primary federal agency (PFA, Figure 1), such as FEMA; an execution order or a deployment order from USNORTHCOM; and approval for reimbursement.
At this time, the size, location, and estimated duration of the FMAT will be decided based on the event and its anticipated magnitude.
The FMAT 8100 is Applied Biosystem's first fluorescence microplate reader and was produced in collaboration with Biometric Imaging, which was acquired by Becton, Dickinson in early 1999.
The $5 million to $15 million Peger Road Resurfacing and FMATS Pedestrian Improvements consist of 4 miles of road resurfacing and 8,600 feet of pathway in Fairbanks.
Stage two of the $598,900 FMATS ADA Curb Corner and Sidewalk Upgrades project will include 555 linear feet of 5' sidewalk, 33 driveways, and 25 ramps, and will be completed this October.