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(27) He is, after all, a poet who could assert, in 1976, "One of the functions of poetry is to disturb the accumulated complacencies of people" (xv), and that can require protesting the "anti-sexuality, anti-life bias at the heart of Christianity" (fmbj xvi), a Sadean directive to be sure.
Intriguingly, "puma"--or cougar--is rendered here as "black," as it also is in "The Puma," where coitus, conducted in the dark, assumes a black, animal cast: "I plug the void with my phallus/and making love [...]/we transfigure pitchblack nothingness/into a tamed puma whose whiskers/we stroke between enrapturing kisses" (dd m) (47) "Salim" depicts a shady, Algerian Muslim "Pimp" who "moves like a panther" (fmbj 120).
(26) Strikingly, Layton claims, "If I am not fooling myself, the note of protest and indignation which I sound in these poems has never before been heard in English poetry or in any other European literature" (fmbj xvi).