FMCLFocus Management Consultants Limited (UK)
FMCLFareast Mercantile Co., Ltd. (Nigeria)
FMCLFocus Management Consultants Ltd. (UK)
FMCLFrank Maine Consulting Ltd. (Canada)
FMCLFirst Mortgage Correspondent Lender
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Segundo Rassier e MacIntosh (2002), a FMCL altera a conformacao das pontes cruzadas, colocando as cabecas globulares em uma posicao mais proxima dos filamentos de actina, tal aproximacao aumenta a probabilidade de interacao entre as proteinas contracteis, o que implica numa maior quantidade de conexoes entre os filamentos, e consequentemente maior desenvolvimento de tensao (Batista e colaboradores, 2010).
A FMCL e mediada pela enzima quinase da miosina regulatoria de cadeia leve e a desfosforilacao da miosina regulatoria de cadeia leve se deve a acao da fosfatase da miosina regulatoria de cadeia leve (Batista e colaboradores, 2010).
This is FMCL's first rice production and was aimed at enhancing rice self-sufficiency in the country.
The measurements were performed from the smallest diameter of the muscle fibers and specific measures of fast (FMCR) and slow twitch fibers (FMCL) were also carried out.
It was observed that the FMCR presented a higher increase in diameter than the FMCL. This difference can be explained by the type of physical activity imposed on the animals, which is characterized by stimuli with greater contraction force for short periods of time (Fleck & Kraemer; Castoldi et al.).