FMDSFiabilité, Maintenabilité, Disponibilité, Sécurité (French: Reliability, Maintainability, Availability, Security)
FMDSFederação Mineira Desportiva dos Surdos (Portuguese: Mining Sports Federation of the Deaf; Brazil)
FMDSFirst Media Design School (Singapore)
FMDSFresno Madera Dental Society
FMDSFinanzmarkt-Datenservice (German)
FMDSFlight Model Discharge System
FMDSFerrous Metal Detector System (engineering)
FMDSFunction Management Data Services
FMDSFlight Management Data System
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He said: "The Longevity Diet is as simple as adopting this daily nutritional regimen and combining it two to 12 times per year (depending on your general health) with my fastingmimicking diet (FMD), which is exactly what it sounds like - a diet that mimics a fast, providing all its benefits without the hunger.
(12), (13) When systemic involvement of atherosclerosis is considered, the assessment of the peripheric arteries using a non-invasive method such as flow-mediated dilatation (FMD) provides accurate information, and this method is now used for the evaluation of ECD of the brachial artery with Doppler ultrasonography (US).
The creation of FarmBis to encourage enhanced formal management skills, and the establishment of a FMDs to foster financial self-reliance, show the importance of advanced liberal rationalities and technologies of governing in constituting both the environment within which farmers make their decisions, and the types of conduct deemed rational within that environment.
In these proposals, Elshtain fmds echoes of the social-hygiene movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in which attempts were made to police and restrict feminine sexuality to "certain standards of class and ethnicity," and black men were accused of "reckless eyeballing" while Italians were suspect as "seducers" and Chinese were regarded as potential "white slavers."
However, faced with the inadequacy of existing employment and manpower information sources, specially from the point of view of required disaggregation, and cost considerations, we will have to embark on a search for supplementary sources of information which fmds its justification in the form of the paper on 'invisibles' by the author.
Back outside the retreat center, where the smiles radiate at the first meeting of sisters in the scholarship program, Ndimbo fmds a similar note.