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FMECAFailure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis
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"FTA confirmed what had been missed by FMECA. In my own opinion, the thrust reverser system needed to be redesigned to make the aircraft safe, and I assume that our engineers confirmed this and that BA and Air France used this knowledge to inform their final decision to take the aircraft out of service after the accident.
There are many ways to build the weight matrix, such as analytic hierarchy process (AHP), entropy, and FMECA; the criterion for the selection of these methods is whether the proposed method could satisfy the characteristics and requirements of the evaluation objectives.
[42] Sydney Water, Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA), 2010, publicwebcontent/documents/document/zgrf/mdq2/~edisp/dd_046414.pdf.
The failure effects on function of ATC automation system are evaluated by using FMECA. FMECA (Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis) is generally employed to analyze all the possible failure modes of components in a complex system in its whole lifetime [13].
RCFA-2 are often complemented by ART-functional stresses; preliminary physical simulations and data mining, statistical and reliability analyses (histograms, MTTF, FTA, FMECA, etc) [28].
According to FMECA result, the fault of the supporting rollers is a main factor which can lead to the breakdown of the rotary kiln [1-2].
Gabbrielli, "Monte Carlo simulation approach for a modified FMECA in a power plant," Quality and Reliability Engineering International, vol.
(2003b) proposed a multi-attribute decision-making approach called fuzzy TOPSIS approach for FMECA, which is a fuzzy version of the technique TOPSIS.